Unlocking Wealth: The Kubera Kolam, Midas Star, and the Magic of 72

Unlocking Wealth: The Kubera Kolam, Midas Star, and the Magic of 72



Do you need to perform special pujas to invite Lord Kubera into your home? Or is there a simpler way to do it? Interestingly, there is a simple yet powerful method to invite the deity of wealth and abundance into your life.

Have you heard of the Kubera Kolam? This particular kolam, often drawn in the altars of many South Indian families, is a well-kept secret. It's a magical square composed of nine equally sized squares, with numbers ranging between 20 and 28 written vertically and horizontally, such that each row, column, and diagonal sum up to 72.

But why 72? The sum of 7 and 2 is 9, a number considered highly auspicious in many cultures, including ours. The significance of the number 9 doesn’t end there. Any number multiplied by 9 results in a sum of digits that always totals to 9. This unique property adds to its mystical and sacred nature.

The Kubera Kolam is not just a grid of numbers. By connecting the numbers from 20 to 28, an intriguing pattern emerges, resembling the Midas Star, a symbol of abundance according to Japanese Reiki. This adds a layer of universal appeal and reinforces its association with wealth and prosperity.

Drawing the Kubera Kolam is relatively straightforward. Typically, coins or flowers are placed on top of the numbers. Some believe this practice ensures the secrecy of the numbers, while others view the numbers as divine symbols that should not be exposed. It all depends on your faith system.

When drawing the Kubera Kolam, it's important to place it in an altar that your feet haven't touched. It’s usually drawn on a plank of wood or stone and then placed at your altar. This respect and care enhance the sacredness of the ritual.

All of us seek abundance, prosperity, wealth, and happiness in our lives. Inviting Lord Kubera into our homes every day can be a powerful way to achieve these goals. Akshaya Tritiya, known as a day when any new endeavour multiplies, is the perfect time to start this practice. By inviting Lord Kubera into our homes on this auspicious day, we can multiply abundance in all aspects of our lives.

Life is beautiful if we choose for it to be. Let's draw happiness.

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