Why drawing Kolam is beneficial for everyone !

Explore the cognitive benefits of our kolam & muggu designs. Boost memory and improve mental agility. Draw Happiness!

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Find your happy place by drawing kolams & muggulu—a stress-buster amid chaos. Our books offer relaxation, & calmness. Draw happiness!

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Indulge in "Me & My Time" with our books. A calming escape promoting work-life balance & a happy break from daily pressures. Draw Happiness!

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Enhance hand-eye coordination, dexterity, spatial awareness and fine motor skills with our kolam books. Foster precision & creativity. Draw Happiness!

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Take an "Art break" with our kolam books. Refresh, Relax and Draw Happiness!

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Complete every activity in our books, to boost a sense of achievement and increase self esteem. Trace lines, Learn designs, Express yourselves & Draw Happiness!

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Create your own kolams by combining simple Beeja kolams & constructing interesting designs. Spark your inner artist and experience pure joy & imagination. Draw Happiness!

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Get to a happier space by engaging in the soothing art of drawing Kolams. Relax and find joy. Draw Happiness!

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Kolam tracing book aids precision, guides practice, encourages patience, refines motor skills, and cultivates meditative focus.

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Happy Customers

From those Drawn to Happiness!

  • Love how much these books help bth me and my son focus!!! Been using it even during work calls :) They absolutely calm me. The symmetry especially. I turn to it when I need to just get away from it all/ For my son, he turns to it for focus.

    Harshini Shreedhar

  • I gave it to a friend’s daughter who never got to do the book because the father snatched it in between and did the book !

    Pratibha Jain

  • Such a lovely concept. I actually purchased the books with the intention of doing it with my 4 year old son- kind of our time together. He absolutely enjoyed it since he has always been a fan of Kolams. This coincides with writing that they do in school (pattern tracing, curved line tracing, etc.). Super happy with my purchase !!!

    Vidya Venkatrramani

  • Finally got these books! I was thrilled and eagerly awaiting these books. I want the youngsters to know about Kolam and its importance & your books have done the job!

    I really love to draw each and every piece in this book and of course its a treasure book in my home library ! A big thank you to you Kolam Podu Team!

    Akila Chandrasekaran

  • Received these beautiful books today… I had ordered it for myself & niece <3 I started to learn new Kolams already by tracing. Thanks for the surprise gift ! Great job!!

    Vamshi Priya

  • Unpacked these beauties today! The colours and designs certainly made me so happy and I’m starting my day with Drawing Happiness!


  • Yaaay!!! Happy to receive the best !!!

    Kolam Podu series. Refreshing mornings. Great Focus. Kolams make it happen!

    Kudos to you for bringing the spirit with the next generation and reviving it for all Kolam enthusiasts !!

    Geetha KR

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