The "Draw Happiness" series comprises books authored by Bhargavii Mani, the founder of Kolam Podu. The inaugural series, known as the Tracing Series, marks the beginning of a range of upcoming book collections under this brand. The core philosophy of Draw Happiness revolves around the convergence of Creativity, Mindfulness, and Skill development through the lens of Cultural Appreciation. The company's vision is to craft products that serve multiple purposes, including refining specific skills, fostering cultural understanding, promoting social interactions, providing enjoyable art-get aways, encouraging mindfulness, and contributing to neuroplasticity enhancement for individuals from all walks of life.

Absolutely not! The "Draw Happiness" books cater to individuals of all age groups - from children and teenagers to adults and seniors. There's a piece of joy and enrichment for everyone to derive from these books. Whether you're a complete novice without any artistic background or a skilled artist, these books are inclusive of all. It's your personal art moment, a tranquil pause for your creativity, where the cumulative benefits of these bite-sized tasks within the books operate silently on you, while also reminding you to count your blessings everytime you engage with our activities. The instructions are easy to follow, and the emphasis is on enjoying the process of learning kolams and expressing oneself, rather than achieving perfection.

Let's start with an exciting fact – we've handpicked high-quality Maplitho paper that boasts an impressive 110 GSM weight. This means your imagination can roam freely, and there are no boundaries to your creativity! Our book is like a playground for your artistic spirit.

You've got a treasure trove of coloring options – from felt pens to crayons and color pencils. Do note, though, that we've observed some marks on the reverse side of the paper when utilising bold markers. As for paint mediums, we're still in the process of determining their compatibility.

So, get ready to embark on a colourful adventure, where the only limit is your imagination! Draw Happiness!

Kids and kids at heart, our "Draw Happiness" books are meant for you all! Whether you're looking to relish them individually or as part of a family, friends, or group activity, Draw Happiness has a treat in store for everyone.

Our vision revolves around knitting together and nurturing healthier human connections. We aspire to boost confidence by encouraging self-expression without the burden of judgment. Meanwhile, the myriad advantages of the mini activities tucked within each of our creations are designed to enrich your life in meaningful ways.

Oh yes! Click here to dive into a world of thousands of meticulously crafted kolams, all broken down step by step just for you! It's your chance to immerse yourselves and have a blast!

Let's break it down in a jiffy:

  • Age Group: From 3 years and up

  • Pages of Fun: A total of 36 (including covers)

  • Language of Choice: English, to make it more inclusive (other languages will soon follow).

  • Size Matters: Our books are a neat 15 cm X 21 cm / 6 in X 8.5 in (approximately)

  • Featherweight Champs: They tip the scales at just 75 grams each (before getting wrapped up)

And don't forget these juicy tidbits:

  • Each book struts an ISBN like a badge of honor.

  • We're on the verge of jet-setting worldwide with international licenses.

  • Every design in the book is a combination of our founder Bhargavii Mani's creations & curations.

  • Brace yourselves – a parade of exciting books and goodies is marching your way!

    Also... Here's the scoop, our books are smaller than an iPad, lighter than your trusty mobile phone, and they come bearing a superpower – they promote better human interaction while sparing you the woes of blue light exposure! Draw Happiness!